Posting to LinkedIn

Help spread the word! Many of your peers will benefit from events offered though your association, so help spread the word, by posting events on LinkedIn. Follow these tips:

Posting to LinkedIn
1. Save the event invitation you’d like to share
2. Login to your account
3. At the top of the Home page it will say “Share an article, photo, or update”. Click on the writing. An icon with a camera that says “image” will appear. Click on the icon and upload the invitation.
4. Add content above the invitation (i.e. Don’t miss CoreNet PA’s Summer Social) and include the link to register and hit “post”

Share these tips with board members and attach the invite you’d like them to post. In order to stagger out the posts, have the board members with last name between A-L post one week and board members with a last name between M-Z should post the next week.

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