Social Media Trends for 2017

By Brittany Dunlap, Marketing/Communications Manager, ACG


It’s a new year and social media marketing continues to evolve. One must embrace it, if one is seeking growth and engagement. Here are the top five trends to try for 2017.


  1. Social Messaging is the preferred form of communication for millennials. WhatsApp, WeChat and others allow for the one-on-one interaction and personal touch that turns a prospect into a member.
  2. “Live” Video continues to grow in 2017. Facebook and Instagram’s live video options give people the “real-time” interaction that individuals are becoming accustom to.
  3. Customer Service Chatbots are being used in social media to communicate with members, answer frequently-asked questions and to provide immediate information.
  4. Paid Advertising on social platforms continues to grow. Constant changes to the algorithm further reduces the organic reach of post visibility. Sponsored Ads continue to be the way to grow on social platforms.
  5. Instant Purchases are not slowing down. Social selling and a social presence gives the biggest reason to try new services and events. Using “one-click” options gives easy accessibility for prospects to sign up for membership, volunteer opportunities and events.
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