Top 5 #hashtags for Associations

If used correctly, hashtags can be very useful to associations on social media. Hashtags allow your association to participate and inspire conversations while organizing social media campaigns for events, membership drives and more. It can be tough to keep track of which hashtags work best and reach the most individuals. Here are the top 5 #hashtags associations should try on their social media feeds:

1. #FollowFriday:
This hashtag is used to send a shout out to your followers. It’s a great way to build partnerships and show appreciation.

2. #fundraising: This hashtag is best used when tagged on a post about fundraising events.

3. #[event]: If your association is using social media to promote an event, decide on a #hashtag and consistently use it while promoting the event.

4. #[yourcity]: When you’re organizing an event, tag your city to broadcast the event to folks in your area.

5. #volunteer[s]: Use this hashtag to send out a call for volunteers, to thank volunteers, or to promote the work of your volunteer community.

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